The Looking Behind Our Doors projcct is investigating the old and newer adults'and children's rhymes of Kirrie.

100 years ago Kirrie author Alan Reid and his wife contributed their memories of Kirrie and Forfarshire rhymes to be published by the Edinburgh-based Rymour Club. See these on our Old Kirrie Rhymes page.

We are currently collecting rhymes recalled by older residents. See our page Rhymes Remembered. 

And we have worked pupils in Southmuir and Northmuir Primaries to create new rhymes of Kirrie - find them above.


A sailor went to sea / My boyfriend gave me an apple

Skinny Malinky Longlegs / Wha saw the 42nd

The wind the wind / The big ship sails / One potato

Ally Bally / Ye canny shove yer grannie /

London Bridge / Farmer’s In His Dell / Dusty Bluebells